The Not Good.

Still better than a podcast about golf

A whole bunch of scenery

Mayrhofen, Austria, 2013

A short poem about Marjorie Taylor Greene

Heil, like, whatever

It’s Marjorie Taylor Greene,
Coming at you like a full latrine,
Rele-vant like a fax machine,
Fresh as a fart in a submarine.

Yes it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene,
Wants to give you the truth vaccine,
Banging on like a tambourine,
Credi-ble as a dead sardine.

Operation sleepy fox

A back garden, Derby, 2012

Giant Vladimir Putin deals with the press

Putin's puttin' it in now

“…And, in conclusion, I would like to inform you all that your chairs are made of poison, the floor is made of poison, and the air you are breathing is 75% poison. Have a nice day.”

Down and there and everywhere

Markeaton Park, Derby, 2008

Old people are the future

Amanda Solloway MP

Following the vote in the House of Commons to deny free school meals to underprivileged children, I wrote to Amanda Solloway, my Conservative MP who voted with the majority:

Dear Amanda Solloway,

As my MP (I didn’t vote for you but, please, keep reading), I thought I would write to you to congratulate you on your ‘No’ vote on Free School Meals yesterday. Much is made these days about children being the future of the country, but how are they supposed to understand the realities of modern life if we just feed them whenever they’re hungry?

Twitter is currently full of angry people thoughtlessly using the #ToryScum and #ToryScumOut hashtags, unable to comprehend how a person such as you could vote to deny food to underprivileged children. The truth is it takes people like you and your fellow Conservative MPs, who are in a position to help, to make the hard decisions.

We both understand that, ultimately, the hundreds of millions of pounds spent on perfecting the COVID-19 test and trace system will save approximately as many lives as feeding hungry British children, and those who can’t see the bigger picture should stay in their lane.

Please rest assured that, at the next election, your actions yesterday in allowing children to suffer for the greater good ensure that you will have my vote.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Green

If I receive a reply, I’ll update this post.

How to replace OpenSSH with Dropbear on Raspberry Pi OS Buster

OpenSSH is the default SSH server/client on Raspberry Pi OS (formerly known as Raspbian), but on systems where RAM is at a premium - the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ or Raspberry Pi Zero W, for example - saving memory can be important. One simple way to do this is by replacing OpenSSH with a similar but more lightweight SSH program called Dropbear. Here’s how:

First, install Dropbear:

sudo apt-get install dropbear

Answer yes at the prompt by pressing enter. Next, edit the Dropbear configuration file with:

sudo nano /etc/default/dropbear

and change the line




save the file with ctrl-o > enter > ctrl-x.

Now stop OpenSSH (if you have accessed your Pi with SSH, you won’t lose your connection):

sudo systemctl stop sshd.service

Now enable and start Dropbear with:

sudo systemctl enable dropbear.service

followed by:

sudo systemctl start dropbear.service

At this point it is safe to disable OpenSSH with

sudo systemctl disable sshd.service

Optionally, reboot your Raspberry Pi:

sudo reboot

Next time you SSH to your Pi you will probably see a message that says:


This is because, when it was installed, Dropbear generated a new SSH key. Delete the old key with

ssh-keygen -R ip.address.of.pi

and SSH to your Pi again.

Once you’re sure everything is working properly, and if you want to, you can remove openssh-server:

sudo apt-get purge openssh-server