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Coronavirus: how governments are handling the crisis

An image of the coronavirus that's causing a crisis the world's governments are scrambling to handle
COVID-19, the sneaky little shit

As COVID-19 continues to take the world by storm and make ordinarily responsible people lose their minds it’s worth looking to the calm, steady stewardship of some of the world’s governments to see how they are handling the crisis.

Portugal, for example, has taken the extraordinary step of cancelling public events that have already happened, stretching all the way back to 2016. In Spain, emergency regulations mean that residents are forbidden from coming with three feet of themselves.

Meanwhile, the USA’s advice to its citizens is that everything is fine and dreadful but it’s all okay except it’s going to get a lot worse, even though there’s nothing wrong and everyone is going to die.

In the UK, Boris Johnson has announced plans to lock up everyone over the age of 70. This, he said, had nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic - it was just an idea he had while sitting on the toilet.

South Africa, known to many as the Africa of the South of Africa, has taken the outbreak seriously, ordering that all medical personnel in the country wash their hands every 20 seconds.

And in Russia, Vladimir Putin has released a calendar featuring photographs of him shirtless and punching samples of the coronavirus to death in a variety of breathtaking outdoor settings.

These decisive actions by world leaders will almost certainly make a very small difference to the spread of the coronavirus. And for that, they should be applauded.