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Coronavirus: latest from today’s Trump briefing

Donald Trump pictured giving the latest news at today's coronavirus briefing with Vice President Mike Piss
Donald Trump with Vice President Mike Piss

“…It’s really a terrific virus, very very strong virus, really great but we’re going to, and I think Mike agrees with me here, we’re going to build a lot of tiny ventilators - a lot - and inject those into the people to fight the virus. It’s really amazing, the miniaturisation, these new ventilators are no bigger than a golf ball and the doctors, they’ll just, you know, inject these things into the patients and everything’s cured. Completely cured. The virus just goes away. It’s really incredible. We should have this treatment out there in the hospitals in a couple of months, it’ll be amazing. If you look at the data you’ll see the treatment is already working, it’s that good…”