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Coronavirus: CNN shows New York Governor's latest briefing

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's latest coronavirus briefing, as shown on CNN
Oh shit

“…Ventilators ventilators ventilators. Ventilators. Give me ventilators. If you got ventilators and you don’t want to give me the ventilators I personally guarantee - I personally guarantee - that I will come to your hospital and I will punch you in the nuts. If we get ventilators then ba-da-boom-ba-da-bing we got ventilators. Masks - we don’t have masks. It’s a mask. How hard is it to make a mask? I could pull masks out of my freakin’ ass but the goddam federal government couldn’t find a mask in its own ass with both hands and a torch! And gowns! I mean look at the gowns - they look like crap. Can’t we get some gowns that don’t look like they’re made out of freakin’ toilet paper or something? This isn’t rocket science, people - what do I gotta do to get some freakin’ PPE? What? Hey, I’m walking here!”