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Coronavirus: Trump blameless in coronavirus spread says Trump

Donald Trump who, according to Donald Trump, is blameless in the mishandling of the coronavirus crisis
Trump karate chops coronavirus

“…And if you look at the numbers on the dead people, they’re great numbers. I never said the virus was a great virus, never said that. But the virus, you know, it’s a great virus. The best, really. But I always said that, always said it was a great virus when the other guys, you know, the World Health Organization, they were calling it a threat and a danger. That’s not helpful - that’s only going to make the virus mad, and you don’t want an angry virus. That’s the last thing you want. I’m thinking we’re going to withhold our money that we give to the WHO, we give them a lot of money - the most money, it’s really terrific. We’re going to stop giving that money to the WHO and give it to the virus instead. I’m telling you, it’s going to be great…”